Park Road Improvement Project

Project Description: The project generally consists of roadway rehabilitation by Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and cement treatment, roadway widening, rubberized cape seal, construction of Class IV bicycle lanes, steel and reinforced concrete retaining walls/barriers, guardrails, drainage improvements, fire hydrant relocation, striping and pavement markings. The project will be governed by the Contract Documents included herewith, including the Caltrans State Standard Specifications, 2018 edition, in the order of precedence as set forth herein.
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01_BSK Geotechnical Report FINAL 190320 2.4 MB
02_Geotechnical - L2 (2nd Supplemental Letter - Final 263.0 KB
03_Phase I ESA_Initial Site Assessment - FINAL 16.0 MB
04_Biological Technical Survey_Park Road_Final 16.7 MB
05a_PG&E_PM 35386892 ConPkgCompl 8.5x14 578.7 KB
05_PG&E _PM 35386892_ConDwgFinal 898.1 KB