Lake Herman 2017 Storm Damage Repairs Project 17-29

The work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, and services necessary to perform the construction and installation of the following: removal of existing striping, markings, and pavement markers; installation of new striping, markings, and pavement markers; removal and reconstruction of curb ramps; removal and reconstruction of poles with foundation and mast arm; removal and reconstruction of ADA pedestrian push buttons and signs; removal and reconstruction of a new countdown pedestrian indication head; removal and reconstruction of vehicle head; jobsite cleanliness; and other items not specifically mentioned herein, and doing all appurtenant work in place and ready for use, all as shown in the Specifications, Technical Specifications, and other Contract Documents entitles as show above, now on file in the office of the Public Works Director, to which reference is hereby made for further particulars. The Contractor shall do whatever else is required by the Technical Specifications or that may be necessary to be done in order to perform a complete job in all respects as specified herein and as directed by the Engineer. The bidder is required to carefully examine the sites and the proposal, plans, specifications, and contract forms for the work contemplated and it will be assumed the bidder has investigated and is satisfied as to the conditions to be encountered, as to the character, quality, and quantities of work to be performed and materials to be furnished, and as to the requirement of the specifications, the special provisions, and the contract.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date8/24/21 1:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of Benicia

Dan Sequeira   707-746-4237


Lake Herman Road 200 feet east of East 2nd Street, Benicia, California 94510.

Engineers estimate for the project is $320,000 – $393,000.